Saturday, 11 August 2012

Making a Nappy Cake!

I just found out that my oldest friend - the one I have known for the longest, not the oldest in age - is expecting a baby in January. I am thrilled for them and even more thrilled to get the opportunity to make this gift!!! I saw it somewhere on the net a few weeks ago and was taken with the idea but knew no-one who would benefit - until now!!!! I have made it in yellow and green to suit both eventualities!!
The base layer is made by wrapping newborn nappies around a bottle of my favourite baby shampoo/wash - I secured them with large elastic bands as I went - this is a little tricky and you may want a willing volunteer to help you! Try to get them as tight as possible and with the folded end of the nappy visible down the side for neatness!
I folded two white muslins together into a strip the same depth as the nappies and ironed it smooth, then carefully wrapped it around as icing and had Eve hold it for me whilst I tied the ribbon. I used a plain yellow vest from a multi pack (size 9-12 months to give me plenty of icing!!) - it is ruched up a little to go around the bottle neck but this is hidden with the second tier of 'cake' so don't worry!

To make the second tier, I again wrapped some nappies around the neck of the bottle and secured with an elastic band. I then rolled four more nappies into tubes and five of the remaining vests into tubes and put a small band around them, then arranged them around the nappy stack and held them in place with another large band....
I 'iced' the top tier by laying the other yellow vest over the rolls of nappy and vest and smoothing it over/tucking it in. The edging is made with another muslin folded, ironed, wrapped around and tied with coloured wool this time, in three strands. I tucked a baby comb and brush into the bottom ribbon and finished the top tier off with a pair of newborn bootees!

I'm SO pleased with the result - it was such fun to make and although Dewi thought I was crackers, even he agrees it is very effective and a lovely gift! It now has pride of place in the lounge awaiting Julia's visit next weekend!

There are so many ways you can adapt the 'recipe' to your own tastes - washable nappies, any colour vests - use socks to make roses, rattles instead of brushes, use velour or minky receiving blankets to make the icing instead of muslins........ your creativity is the limit!!!

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