Monday, 13 August 2012

Seed Markers Made from Vintage Spoons!

This is another of my 'seen around the web thought I'd try it out' endeavours..... not the most successful one I've ever tried to be honest! It looked so easy..... but then it always does..... I bought a pile of unusual vintage spoons from ebay and a set of steel letter punches.
Here are the spoons in their original condition.... before I got Dewi to hammer them flat (approach this carefully - he was a tad enthusiastic and split a couple of the spoons near where they attach to the stem)....
These are the punches and here it became tricky as I'd underestimated just how HARD a steel teaspoon can be..... no, really, steel is VERY hard!!! In my naive little bubble I'd imagined tapping perfectly formed letters into the spoons and joining the ranks of crafting genii..... alas I joined the ranks of bumbling also-rans, and collected a couple of blood blisters along the way!!!!
Idris was fascinated with the whole process and laughed like a drain when I hit my thumb and hopped around the patio hissing unmentionable things about spoons and pinterest!
A couple of them turned out really well and at least I'll know which seedlings are which now!!!!! I think I'll look for other ideas to use the letter punches with next time.....


  1. What a cool idea.

    My seed labels have disappeared under the jungle of weeds. Maybe if I used extra long serving spoons..?

  2. what spoons did you use? i fond it hard to stamp on most :(

    1. It was trial and error really..... I bought a job lot of vintage spoons from ebay and never even thought about the hardness..... a few of them were sooooo hard that there was no way I could stamp them the ones I photographed were the best of the best, not really sure what metal they were sorry! Some of them split slightly whilst hammering them flat too!