Monday, 1 February 2010

Child Safety Week June 20-27 2010

The Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) runs Child Safety Week every year with a different theme.  This years is titled 'Make Time for Safety' and will be supported with a free toolkit if you sign up as wanting to take part.  I have found their resources fantastic and really targeted at young children, building skills they will be able to use to keep themselves safe as they grow older.

You can sign up to receive a monthly CAPT bulletin which has up-to-date information about safety issues affecting children, usually with helpful links.  One that caught my eye in January's bulletin was information and links about carbon monoxide poisening.  I use it to update my risk assessments and review my health and safety policies as necessary.

"One Step Ahead is a new wall chart for parents of babies and young children. It consists of a matrix which matches the child’s age and development to the hazards in the home it is likely to encounter at any particular stage from birth to two. It is easy to understand with colourful illustrations. if you would like a free sample, email for a copy!" (CAPT, January 2010 newsletter)

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