Sunday, 14 February 2010

Chinese New Year

I am planning to spend two weeks enjoying all things Chinese for the second half of February! Here is my planning linked to the EYFS although many of the activities cover more than one area!

  • Trip to a Chinese Supermarket in Birmingham to buy snacks, cooking utensils and decorations with the children. In the Chinese Quarter so should be nicely decorated for New Year - Risk Assess.
  • Fly bio-degradeable Chinese sky lanterns in the early evening as it gets dark - available from poundshops - Risk Assess due to use of fire!
  • Look at and talk about pictures of Chinese children in our Children of the world book - no link for this as it's a library cast-off (cost 20p and it's a huge hardback book with the most beautiful images in!)
  • make Chinese rice-pudding
  • Dragon dancing.
  • Make New Year Dumplings - this recipe will call for rolling the dough into a big sausage, cutting it into rounds, rolling the rounds out into circles, spooning the filling then pinching the dumplings closed.  These are all skills that one or more of the childrena re interested in recently, and they are steamed so healthy too!  The recipe linked above tells sbout the symbolism of the dumpling!
  • Playing with dried rice, spooning pouring etc.
  • Chinese bank notes (see above) for role play purchases!
  • Mandarin numbers printed out, make matching games, link to English numbers, play snap etc.
  • Tangram puzzles.
  • Ordinal numbers using the order that the zodiac animals come in.
As usual, I will be using these as resources to do with the children as and when they fit in with their interests and how the day is going.  I'm really looking forwards to the supermarket trip!!


  1. Just a heads up regarding the Lanterns sourced from the pound shop Jennifer.

    I purchased some out of curiosity,and to see what the quality was like.

    Over 50% were damaged/ripped/stuck together.

    You have to " assemble " them yourself,and the packaging/instructions,in my opinion,was not up to standard.

    This is not sour grapes on my part,just a warning of what to look out for when sourcing Sky Lanterns in general.


  2. How disappointing.... well I suppose it might have been too good to be true... they are so expensive on websites though!

    Thanks for testing and telling!