Thursday, 18 February 2010

Scissor Happy!

(Picture from yellow moon - carousel of craft scissors)

This post is inspired by a recent thread on the childmindinghelp forum about a cutting activity.  Whilst searching for printable sheets I came across lots of different styles and thought that I'd pull them all together into one place!  This isn't all of them, but my favourties and a good selection!

  1. Cut, fold and colour to make this look like grass!
  2. Snipping a spiral!
  3. Cutting out farm animals.
  4. Snip and sort cutting book.
  5. Colour and cut alphabet
  6. Numbers to nine, colour and cut.
  7. Snip and stick pictorial labels to parts of the face - fabulous activity this one, you MUST look at it!
  8. Cut out and match the symmetrical animal faces - really nice!
  9. Some unusual lines to cut here.
  10. Dot-to-dot cutting.
  11. At the farm cut out and make has two skill levels of 2-4 and 4-6 years old..... this is a really cute activity to do!
  12. A Cat's World cut out and make.
  13. Picnic basket cut and make - I could eat this one it's so lovely!
  14. Make a sandwich cut-outs.
  15. Hawaiian girl  - this includes fringing her skirt!!
  16. Cutting pages of school essentials - a good transitional activity maybe!
Numbers four to eight are on the TES site, and you will need to register and confirm before you can access the pages.  It takes a few minutes to wait for the e-mail and then confirm.

My youngest daughter started cutting when she was 16 months old.  We have a pair of scissors like these easy grip loop scissors and she was off!  She started by fringing the edges of pieces of paper, before progressing to cutting ragged lines across pieces of paper at about 20 months.  She enjoyed cutting pieces of sellotape to stick down at 2 years old (we had lots of different types - sparkly for gift wrapping, coloured electrical tape etc). At 2 3/4 she is cutting shapes out of paper herself and her accuracy astounds me.  Traditionally scissors aren't offered to children so young but she enjoyed mastering them and it has given her more independence.  She now uses normal scissors competently and has done for some time!

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