Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines Tissue Holders

Eve in particular loves to sew and I put this together one evening knowing that she would enjoy it. I love to leave her to create her own projects as I'm not a huge fan of 'carbon-copy' crafts on a production line. On the flip side of that I also realise that skills and ideas of how to put things together and what is possible have to come from somewhere. With both those arguments in mind I try to balance the two!
I cut out two hearts for each girl, one from red fleece and one from organza. I used the paperclips to put them together as pins seem to cause trauma at the moment - both physical and mental! Faith went round the edge of her hearts using a simple whip stitch and pink embroidery floss (we use that a lot!). It is nice and thick so covers a multitude of sins and is easy to see! You need a large-eyed needle to use it and I have some sharp ones harvested from my Nana's needle book.
I showed Eve how to do blanket stitch around the edge of hers. She loved being shown this. I am no expert at needlework and this is dredged from my primary school days doing a sampler that my Mum had under the telephone for years!
This is the (ever so slightly over exposed!) picture of the back of the tissue holders, with a slot cut to pull them out. they hang by an organza ribbon and the ribbon is big enough so that the holders hang perfectly over the post at the head of their beds! There are tissues in at present as these are one of those 'holy grail' things for the girls that are really special to them (I know, I know!). When the tissues are gone they will be hanky holders instead!

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