Friday, 24 February 2012

A Visit To the Firestation!

We had a great visit to the firestation on Tuesday! The girls got to have a go at working the hoses and Idris and I got a gentle shower of fine water droplets as we were trying to take pictures!
One of the fire men put on a silly wig and a coat and hid up the tower pretending to be trapped by a fire. The fother fire men put on the lights and sirens and drove around the corner to the back entrance to the yard then put up their big ladders and 'rescued' him!

The children were all really keen to see the hydraulic cutters in action but the fire men weren't so keen! Maybe next time!

All the children had a go in the fire engine - on the promise that they didn't press any of the tempting buttons!! Faith just about resisted!

In the afternoon I printed out some beebot mats of town buildings on fire from Primary Treasure Chest and a fire engine jacket for the beebot. The girls really enjoyed learning how to programme the beebot to get around the town!

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  1. I've been dying to organise an outing to the firestation for ages. Did you have much red-tape to get through first or could you just call and arrange a date with them? Thanks