Thursday, 9 February 2012

A Treasure Basket For Idris

Well Idris is sitting up already...... steady as a rock within about three days....... how did that happen so quickly?! It has opened up a whole new world of possibilities and he is very content to sit and reach out for all around him. This has coincided with him developing more control in his hands and arms along with a fascination with...... everything! I have been waiting for him to get to this stage to bring out the treasure basket that I made him for Christmas. I made one for my nephew at the same time and he really enjoyed his. Hopefully Idris will too and I can put up some pictures of him exploring it. Here's a list of what is in the basket:
  • Fabrics - hessian, tulle, catch netting, silicone pot holder, kite material, fleece.
  • Spoons - three different lengths.
  • Spatula - wooden slatted and a silicone one.
  • Honey twister and a pastry brush.
  • Silicone coated whisk.
  • Containers - small metal bowl, wooden bowl, half a coconut shell, wicker basket and two egg cups.
  • Balls - two wooden jacks (one red, one natural), a heavy crown green bowling ball and a sculpted lightweight ball.
  • Wooden dolly pegs.
  • Wooden curtain rings - some with ribbons tied on.
  • Wooden shapes - pebble, a star, a turtle, octagon, bobbin, optical viewer.
  • Miscellaneous items - small metal sieve, sea shells, marble disc, large corks, wooden bobbin and a bear bell.
I've deliberately started with mainly wooden items and a selection of fabrics. I have plans to introduce sounds and smells later on as well as more metal items. There are so very many things to put into treasure baskets that you just have to start with some and build it up as you see things. I think it's fun to start with a selection and then see what Idris is interested in then expand that area. I have been careful to make sure that there are things for comparison, such as different textures of similarly sized squares of fabrics, and different shapes and lengths of 'implements'. The basket contains a mix of items found at home, at boot sales and from shops such as 'Home Bargains', 'Dunelms' and others.

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