Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Basking in Gorgeous Spring Sunshine!!

This is a row of Spring paintings flapping gently in the sunshine!!  We spent hours out of doors today and the children loved it, but boy were they exhausted at the end of the day!  We planted some Spring bulbs back in February and they are looking really pretty so we brought them out of doors and painted them!  I mixed up some green, brown and purple and let them loose one at a time.  For a change we used pieces of craft foam to paint on which changed the texture completely!!  As usual my youngest changed it to a 'study in brown' (her favourite colour!) and spread brown paint over brown foam then sandwiched them together and inspected it at regular intervals to see what was happening!!!!
Here are some little feet helping me sweep the patio!!  We also explored the thick ice in the children's wheelbarrows, broke out the new supply of patio chalks (strictly rationed - I know what they're like!), tested all the trikes/bikes/cars, ate our lunch at the picnic bench, built a den, practiced sharing the outdoor pushchairs, kicked a ball round and more!  It was wonderful!  My patio had been vandalised with chalk by the end of the day.... the children tested them on EVERYTHING..... whilst I applaud exploration and discovery, me thinks I need to get me some groundrules for out there!!!!
Hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did!!!

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