Monday, 15 March 2010

Tree Planting Together!

Last week we went with the childminding group to a local nature reserve and planted out some saplings that had been donated by The Woodland Trust.  There were Wild Cherry, Rowan and Silver Birch.  The trees were about two years old, very small and just the perfect size for toddler hands to plant independently.  And plant them they did! Two of the girls really got the hang of it and planted lots, coiling the rabbit proof tubes around the stems and pushing a stake in to support the saplings.  One of the littlest just bumbled round the woodland with a stick in his hand, poking things, but he loved it!  The Ranger was so impressed with the children that he has invited us to go and use the reserve whenever we wish.... a real treat as it is a protected site with rare species of plants and animals!

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