Friday, 19 March 2010

Friday's Favourites!

Well it's been another busy week.  I got started on my outdoor plans in style, as a very lovely little picket fence was installed across the patio by a fab handy man.  I promised a post about my plans last weekend but time and energy refused to play ball, so I'll try again this weekend!  Having said that, I'm off to London all day tomorrow for a Montessori seminar, so energy may be in short supply again by Sunday!!

I took the long overdue step of hiring an accountant yesterday, best thing I have done in ages (thanks to Nat for her number!!), a huge weight off my mind and as she is so coversant in accounting and the legalities of it, I will be claiming for capital allowances that I didn't think I ever would be able to, and a larger proportion of expenses than I thought I could, so feeling better off than I have in a while too!

We continued to have lots of fun this week with our rainbow theme, more pics to post on that, it turned into a  week of discovery and sensory fun that I really enjoyed as well as the children.

Other exciting news was that my grant money came through so I have ordered most of the equipment on the list, feeling very lucky to get some money and looking forward to put it to good use!

And now to this weeks best finds in blog-land:
  • Lots of downloadable activities here to support colour recognition.
  • Loving this salt dough tree trunk fairy house, would be a great holiday project for older children!
  • These exercise ABC's are great fun, I'm going to print a set and laminate them for my outdoors area!
Have a great weekend!!

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  1. Sorry, have been posting comments incorrectly - doh!
    Think your blog is amazing. Don't know how you find the time amongst your busy schedule. Wish I had had such a fantastic weekly resource to rely on. Particularly like the hyperlinks to other sites so can make choices relevant to own group and situation.