Monday, 1 March 2010

ICT in the Early Years

At the childminding group, one of the things that came up that minders felt they needed to plan for was the use of ICT.  I spent Sunday working my way through this fantastic site and pulled lots of information off into a word document that we can use as a wall-chart to view how ICT can be used across the EYFS.  If you would like a copy (bear in mind that you will have to cut it up and sellotape it into a chart if you want it like that!) please e-mail me.  I check it every few days and respond to all e-mails then!

I have also compiled a list of equipment that can be used to support ICT:
  • projector and screen
  • light box
  • overhead projector
  • digital camera
  • camcorder
  • microscope
  • talking tin
  • talking photo album
  • beebot
  • funky feet sound mat
  • electronic keyboard
  • metal detector
  • walkie talkies
  • CD player
In role-play, cameras, mobile phones, telephones, television remotes, computer keyboards, CD players, all defunct with the cords cut off carefully can enrich the play scenarios that children create.

There is lots more information but too much to digest all in one go.  I will post again once I have read up some more and compiled information about ICt can be used to support children in all six areas of learning and development!

Jenni x

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  1. Jenni,this is a very timely post! I have been compiling a list of all my continuous provision equipment and was thinking my ICT provision was looking a little sparse. Have realised now it doesnt just been computers though. Will email you for the info - thanks again.