Sunday, 4 April 2010

April Planning!

There will be lots going on regarding planting veg, fruit and salad out in the garden, and observing signs of Spring such as our tadpoles that we have in pond water in the lounge, ready to be returned to their pond when the taddy's are bigger! 
I am planning a series of nature walks for the childminding group in the local nature reserve, as well as tree identification by looking at the twigs before they burst into leaf - use this ID sheet from the nature detectives website to guide you, it can be used in your garden or local park, it doesn't have to be a nature reserve!

Topics I am planning to cover are:
  • Vaisakhi - Sikh festival on the 14th April.
  • Earth Day - 22nd April.
  • St. George's Day - 23rd April.
  • National Pet's Month.
  • Lifecycle of a bean.
As I do the planning for each topic and post all my ideas and links, I will link each post back to this main one so that you can access all the ideas from one place!
For those in the childminding group, the walks will be titled:
  • Badger bumble
  • Otter oddyssey
  • Shrew shimmy
  • Rabbit ramble
  • Fox fandango
once again, i will post all of the links through to the site for you to use wherever you are; the resources will be aimed at increasing awareness and understanding about how animals live in woodlands, it doesn't really matter if there are thopse species where you go, the children will get excited none the less!!  Fortunately for us, there are those species at the nature reserve...... whether we find any evidence of them is another matter!!!!!


  1. Little Explorers10 April 2010 at 16:20

    Wow! a fellow montessorian and a childminder too - double whammy! I don't know that many of us, so it was a nice surprise. I've been all over your blog this weekend, getting inspiration for my spring planning. Love your blog!

  2. Hi Hayley,

    Great to have you... I was hoping to meet lots of like-minded people through writing a blog, however they childmind.... so pleased that you love the blog!!

    Warm wishes, Jenni