Friday, 23 April 2010

Friday's Favourites!

Well it's been a rough old week..... my beloved Granddad died early on Wednesday morning before I could get to see him and it hurts.... a lot.  But I have great family and friends and my life has pottered on gently through the last few days.

Friday's Favourite's this week takes a slightly different format as I've just realised that I put incorrect links to nearly all of the books that I have mentioned (a sign of an amateur blogger indeed!).  To save you slogging back through the posts if you fancied a look at the book and were annoyed with me because it didn't come up I have slogged through on your behalf and here they are:
As for my favourites this week...... this little boat which will be installed in my garden in the next week or so for the children to play with!! I can't wait to see the games and stories they come up with for it!

And a quote from an e-mail from Bea, a new friend that I have made; we had been chatting about what makes an outstanding childminder in the eyes of Ofsted and I just think she puts this so well.....
"I agree it is definately attitude with an extra dose of understanding (development, meeting children's needs, clear philosophy) that informs provision, without that all the self reflection in the world ain't gonna improve your practice. I think regarding the resources it's not how much you have it's whether you provide the children with the correct resources to support their needs and whether that is evident by their engagement"

Check out her amazing site here, and have a great weekend!!

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