Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Baisakhi Planning 2010

I have struggled to find resources on the web that are ready planned to help explore Baisakhi.  There doesn't seem to be a lot around but what there is will be lots of fun! Here are my ideas:
  • Look at this picture of the 5 K’s and talk about why they are important to Sikh people (scroll down, I think it's about page 17!!)
  • Look at the traditional bhangra dress (for men) and giddha dress (for women), read about them here.
  • I could only find a good colouring picture of a bhangra dancer.
  • Play some bhangra music and dance to it: the dances tell stories of everyday life so make up some moves related to gardening (as baisakhi is the Sikh harvest festival), cooking and eating as a fun story line!
  • See a picture of the Dholak hand drum used to drum the beats here.
  • Make anklets and bangles to wear.
  • Cook Halwa.

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