Friday, 2 April 2010

Friday's Favourite's!

I'm actually writing this on Wednesday evening, as I am not working again until Wednesday next week now so thought I would have a complete break (If I can really make myself!!).  This week has been tough with poorly little ones to contend with on top of lack of sleep testing all my skills!  I have spent this evening in a fit of giggles making a birthday cake for my youngest daughter who turns three on Sunday, but tomorrow is her 'official' birthday when we will go to Waterworld to celebrate as a family. We started the tradition of a family day out for birthdays long ago, instead of a party and they are looked forwards to greatly.  All my daughter wanted for her third birthday was a chocolate dinosaur cake and green swim goggles like her sister!  Commence an evening of fun concocting a stegosaurus/triceratops style creature out of microwaved sponge cake, butter icing and a variety of sweeties from the pick and mix!!  My daughter will love it and that is what counts!!  So down to this week's hot picks from the web:
  • This train table makeover caught my imagination.... it could work in a builder's tray too I think!
  • This collection of Easter poems is a lovely mix, and worth keeping for next year even if a bit late this year!!
That seems to be it this week, everyone is busy with Easter it seems, look out for some April planning soon!

Happy Easter, Jenni

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