Friday, 9 April 2010

Friday's Favourites!

Hello..... I hope you've all had a good week....... I've only worked one day as I took some time off over Easter to spend with my family and we've had a lovely time!  And hasn't the end of this week been beautiful?? We're soaking up the sunshine and I feel really enthusiastic.  I dived into re-organising the children's space (again... cue rolling eyes for those that know me and how often I move furniture around!!).  I am going back to basics and culling some equipment and toys that have crept in over time that are not adding anything positive, just cluttering..... more on that another day I think!!  The late evening sunshine is calling to me to bring a cup of tea and my pile of new books outdoors so I'll get on with a few links for the week!
  • This simple idea for creating a spring forsythia picture is perfect for bringing children to look more closely at the natural world; bring some branches of the blossoms indoors if you like or take the art outdoors!
  • A new blog called Simple Organic that I came accross this week has a post about using cloth instead of paper products in the home, now re-useable loo paper is a step too far for me but the idea of using napkins really appeals to me as part of mealtimes with the children!
  • Make an aqua-scope to get a closer look at the tadpoles!
  • Loving all the yellow over at the Crafty Crow!!
Whatever you are up to, have a lovely weekend, the sunny weather has made me want to go boot saling this Sunday...... just to window shop y'know, I'm not buying, I'm. not. buying, I'm not, I'm not!!!!!

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