Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Bedtime Reading that will Make you Excited to get up in the Morning!!

This book poses questions to consider and then offers ways to achieve something special in your setting.  Many of the resources are found and car boot items making them inexpensive to set up.  The ideas are flexible with space requirements, therefore ideal for homes and childminding settings.  Although this is an American book, there are many contributions from 'home daycare facilities' that are the equivalent of childminders in the UK!  This book doesn't blast you with theory but gives short, punchy information blocks on an essential, need-to-know basis then offers inspirational photographs of how to make use of that in many different ways.  Given how many of the pictures include comfy chairs, rugs, side tables etc, it is quite reassuring to think that we are halfway there as childminders in creating the home-like environment that many of the contributors to this book are aiming for!!  Although not the cheapest book you could buy, it is one that you will refer to for years to come, and offers a refreshing alternative to the pressure to own every plastic resource known to man!!

Designs for Living and Learning - Transforming Early Childhood Environments

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  1. Little Explorers19 July 2010 at 14:40

    Hi Jen,
    Saw this book advertised in the Monty mag, but it was your post that inspired me to purchase it :)