Saturday, 15 May 2010

Friday's Favourites!

Well it's been a funny old week.... I said a final sad goodbye to my Granddad on Monday at his funeral, with beautiful words from my Mum and my Uncle...... I only hope that I will one day have the strength of character that they possess!  I felt bruised and raw on Tuesday but the little ones came up trumps with some fascinating explorations to watch and marvel at.... I loved seeing them discover how wet chalks leave strong marks, then later tip over a tub of water on the patio and run to fetch the chalk to repeat the experience in a different way!  Then there were my friend's little ones.... one using trial and error to work out how the tree blocks could be balanced one on top of another, and the other one fascinated by the sound of falling rice on a plastic tray and then a wooden one.... so focused and absorbed and so lovely to see.... just what we are here for, to provide the environment where those kinds of discoveries can be made! I was also very pleased to find out that I will be featured on The Montessori Goldmine next week.... take a look using the button below!

The Montessori Goldmine

Other than that, 'the boat' has arrived thanks to my friend very kindly trusting me with her car and roof rack!!  It is residing in the front garden whilst we get up the strength to haul it over the garage roof and install it ready for adventure in the back garden!!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I think you should leave it in the front garden as a conversation piece. You never know who you might find in it! Don't think anyone will steal it. And it's another environment to play in, although requiring supervision. The long grass there makes it exciting and more like being at sea (albeit a green one) and it could be treated as an expedition involving planning for what to take out there.
    PS Your back garden is quite full already.