Monday, 3 May 2010

Nursing a poorly guinea pig

This is me syringe feeding Woody, one of our little guinea pigs.  We found him this afternoon huddled up outside the run and enclosure.  he didn't attempt to run away and when we picked him up it was clear that he was very weak, dehydrated, thin and cold.  He must have wriggled out somehow yesterday and I missed him when I locked up in the dark last night.  There was torrential rain, wickedly cold winds and low temperatures here overnight and the little dab was out in it all.  I remembered advice from the vet for another guinea pig years back and we got some organic apple and pear baby food to syringe feed.
This is my daughter drawing up the food for him.  Thankfully after a few hours of extra feeds and once he had warmed up a bit, he seems to have perked up a little and is sitting up for himself now and eating a few of the tempting morsels the girls found for him in the fridge and the garden (he loves dandelions!!).  I tucked him in my husband's jumper pocket for a bit more warmth (and to watch the snooker, what boy doesn't enjoy a bit of snooker!!) and hopefully he will have a good night and be even better tomorrow!

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