Thursday, 6 May 2010

Telling the Time

I picked up this clock box in a second hand sale for a pound a few months ago but it has been irritating me a little as it never really 'fitted' anywhere..... too big for the bookcase and too enticing for the littlest ones to take them in and out and carry them round.... all very well but I have books for them to do that with if they wish and I wanted these to be used to explore the passing of time!!  So I re-purposed them into an activity box that can be used independently or with support from an adult.  This is what I added to the box:
  • Blank clock faces printed and laminated with a whiteboard pen to draw in the hands.
  • A larger clock with moving hands - make your own from here!
  • Quarter past and quarter to cards from here (fourth down in the right hand column)
  • Half past cards from the same site (fourth down in the left hand column!)
  • Days of the week sequencing cards based on The Very Hungry Caterpillar story - these help children to put them in order by themselves as the number of fruits the caterpillar eats through increases as the days go on..... they also encourage children to expand into literacy!
  • I made this simple activity to introduce the months.
  • Ordinal numbers showing 1st to the 31st.
  • The Seasons of a tree.
  • I have also made a card for each child with their photograph and birthday on it.
  • These resources from twinkl also look great
  • I'd like to add one or two of these large sand timers when I can.

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