Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Cinco de Mayo!

This is a Mexican festival marking the day that an important battle was won.  The celebrations are not about the battle, but about the patriotism, love and bravery shown by the soldiers for their township.  Now round here we love a good theme day and are looking forwards to all things Mexican tomorrow!! 

Some books to set the scene:
Some crafty activities:
  • Dolly peg Mexican dolls - the idea here is to make dancers but I'm planning on looking in our children of the world book and making some with traditional dress.
  • Simple weaving to make a 'God's Eye'.
  • Mexican maracas.
  • Mini sombrero
  • Paper plate pottery
If you want to make a display or book of your celebrations, have a look at these colouring pages with the flag, map and other cultural pictures.  Try some Spanish words for things the children are familiar with, like colours (two pages here and here) or numbers 1-10.

And last but not least some recipes to whet your appetite!
  • Guacamole - serve with taco shells or tortillas and vegetable sticks with the salsa too!
  • Easy Salsa - except I'm not using three jalapeno peppers in mine, and am taking a tip from 'Katy cooks' and will get the children to chop up fresh tomatoes in a bowl with clean scissors instead of blending tinned tomatoes!
  • Charro beans.
  • Polvorones (sugar biscuits with cinnamon)
Have fun!!!!

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