Friday, 7 May 2010

Friday's Favourite's

This is my favourite picture of the week..... after nursing Woody the guineapig, the girls commandeered the clean syringes and set about ministering medicine to the toy animals..... it was so touching to see the care and attention that they lavished upon them!  This week I have struggled to get into my groove and have been glad to have good childminding friends to spend time with!  I'm off for our annual church weekend away in Derbyshire tonight so should come back refreshed and inspired for next week! Some fun things I came across on the web this week:

  • How about jazzing up some fabric shopping bags with bright designs simple for chilren to create and take home?

  • I thought this thumb print pendant in some form or another is a nice keepsake to go home for mums especially!

  • These curvy clay flowers made me think of doing this with leaf shapes and leaf prints in the clay
I really liked these birthday display resources to make an individualised display for each child on their special day.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Hey Jen, I saw this and thought it might be an activity you'd like:
    Litter Scavenger Hunt
    Next time you're in a public park, make litter pickup into a game. Make a list of some commonly found trash items: bottle cap, plastic bottle, chip bag, plastic grocery bag, etc. Give each kid a bag, a glove and a list. You can mix up the lists so everyone isn't competing for the same items. Set a timer and see how many items on the list each one can find in the time allotted.

  2. Hi, Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I made the globe before I presented it to the children. They had no idea what was inside and that added to the excitement of the session. They also went on to make their own ones.