Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Inspired by Farmer Boy.....

Our wonderful girls have practically amused themselves for three whole days whilst we stripped back and decorated the living room. It was a mammoth task as it is the biggest room in our house, used the most and was in a very scruffy state. We were exhausted by the end and the girls were in need of a huge dose of parental input!!!
So this morning I sat down and we got creative with some very simple materials and made some accessories for the wooden stables that we have (made by Le Toy Van and absolutely beautiful, stocked with scleich horses and ponies, equally beautiful!).

We made feed buckets by cutting the bases from pockets of an egg box, dolloping glue into them and then tipping a good teaspoonful of pearl barley, porridge oats, popcorn kernels and red lentils in. All legitimate feed stuffs for horses, apart from the lentils maybe but they looked pretty!

Next we tied up bundles of hay liberated from the guinea pigs feed bin, and lastly made a water bucket by mixing blue paint with glue and painting inside a coffee jar lid. Next thing I knew the girls were discussing who got which colts and were off playing 'Farmer Boy' in amazing detail!!!

I have been reading it to them every night at bedtime, as we work our way through the Laura Ingalls Wilder series gifted by my brother and sister-in-law who live in Canada. We are nearly through, just one chapter to go and then on to Little House on the Prairie. The girls are enthralled by them and really they just potter on through everyday life describing processes in detail but it is life that is long past now and fascinating in all its minute details

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