Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Literacy For Two!

I knew this time would come but I have suddenly found myself planning and prepping for two children when it comes to literacy! It was nice to sit at the table and enjoy both their company at the same time!

Faith has begun to read words that contain the letters she knows and has developed a love affair with the Finger Phonics books from Jolly Phonics. They introduce letters in groups, such as 's a t p i n' in the first book. They even have cutout letters to feel around which satisfies my Montessori leanings!! Faith isn't quite sure yet about 'p' and 't' so I printed out some alphabet mini books for her for just those letters. She enjoyed colouring them in.... I love her rainbow polar bear!

For Eve I thought that I would relax a bit for a few weeks. I've introduced a fair few new sounds and endings recently and there are about 25 readers that she knows all the sounds for now so I thought it would be good for her to choose from those and build her confidence with them. She reads beautifully but is dreadfully hard on herself when it doesn't come easily! Anyhow which book did she pick? Yes.... you guessed it....... the only one on the shelf with a new ending sound of 'le' after short vowel sounds. Well she had a really good go at reading the new words and did fabulously. She likes to do word searches so I printed off this one from tls books for her and we worked through the short vowel sound words that Eve can read. This word search was a new challenge for her as the words went backwards and diagonally as well as up and down and forwards!

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