Thursday, 12 May 2011

Royal Wedding Activities

We made a mini castle for the bride and groom inspired by an idea on Red Ted Art's Blog.
We used the wedding couple and the minister from the Happyland play figures to act out the wedding itself!

All the guests came in their best hats printed and cut out from Activity Village.

We decorated wedding cakes printed from here also.

We made Patriotic bunting using potato prints and paper triangles strung up (I did this as an activity at the childminding group that I facilitate). I simply cut triangles from white paper, let the children print with red, blue and white paint, then when dried, threaded them with wool and pinned them up.

We had Union Jack skewers for snack time.... made with cocktail sticks filled with strawberries, blueberries and marshmellows.

And played with red and blue sparkly play dough!
My lovely mum gave the girls a keepsake mug of Wills and Kate as she considers it part of the girl's heritage!!!

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