Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Pre-writing Game Invented by Faith!

Faith brought me this and told me that I had to match the same shapes to eachother. What genius..... a new game was born!

This is the letters game that eve made for Faith. She initially put the pairs of letters next to eachother (see the far left side). After I suggested that it would be more fun to have to look for the pair, she spread them out more. Eve very thoughtfully stuck to the letters that Faith is confident with so far (notice the backwards 's' that crops up still!).

I made this one for Faith.

And this is what Faith made for me. I was impressed with the thought and detail that went into this, as well as with the range of shapes and lines that she used. Visual matching is an important skill in being able to read..... Faith is practically teaching herself!!!! Just as it should be!

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