Monday, 23 May 2011

Creativity Flowing...

These are pictures of the girls creating kites made from craft sticks, glittery string, ribbons, strips of coloured felt and sellotape. I love the creative flair going on, and as I watched how easily Faith manipulated the sellotape, it took me back to when she was about two and determined to use sellotape. I sat for hours with her, helping to pull pieces of tape off the dispenser, untangle the stuck-together pieces and providing different materials and medium for her to try sticking with. It was time well-invested as she now confidently lines up and sellotapes her felt pieces (below).
I long ago decided that I would largely avoid narrow 'craft projects' that had the children completing identical pieces (although I do them sometimes if it fits in). This approach seems to have reaped rewards as the children are inventive and creative and skilled when they decide to make something!

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