Sunday, 15 August 2010

Blue series Box 1 - Initial Blends

You may be wondering why I have decided to make the blue series myself as there are quite a few versions available either free or to purchase.  The reasons are twofold; firstly because nearly every one that I've looked at has non-phonetic words in such as st-ar-t, with the sound 'ar' which the children won't be familiar with yet, and secondly because words hold different meanings for different people, and many American versions available contain unsuitable words.

Traditionally 'box one' of the literacy series contains only objects for the child to handle and then word build with the movable alphabet (MA) but it isn't always possible to have a miniature for everything so I will include a mix where needed.  In the following list I have highlighted words in orange that I can find an object or picture for.  The other words I will include on word lists and in reading books later on.

blob brim
clan clam clap clip clog club crib crab crag crux clef
drab drag drop drip drum
flag flex flip flop flan flap flat flax frog 
Glen glum grip grid Gran grab grin grim grit grub
plop plug plum plus pram
scab skid skin skip slab slam slap sled slip smog snap snip step swig stag swim stop slug spin
trot trip trap twig twin trim tram

I will order some miniatures from Montessori Enterprises, whom I have ordered from in the past and are an excellent and reliable company.

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