Thursday, 12 August 2010

Friday's Favourites!

Well things have been very busy round here this week...... school holidays in full swing and that means extra children to join the fun..... and a whole lot extra planning for me!! We took a coach trip to Rhyl on Monday and spent the day enjoying the sea and the sand, and a fabulous little water park that we discovered by happy accident!  It took military planning and was a long day for the children and they were good as gold but it has given me a new respect for mothers of six or more children!!  Tuesday we had a relaxing day at home with pretty much constant role-play going on, followed by a day at our favourite town park on Wednesday.  The children I care for are so lovely but I am sooooo glad that I only work three days a week then get my girls back to myself on Thursday!!

Last week we had a week off as a family and did dome great day trips out, but I didn't think you would want to be bored by endless snaps of days out!!

I am starting to work on putting together the blue series of the Montessori literacy materials.  When working through the pink series I made them up as Eve needed them but the blue series covers more and I want to be ready and have the whole lot made to hand and done and dusted.  I will post things as I do them!

I haven't been keeping up with the blogs this week so have lots to read and choose from tonight:
  • Turning pine cones into berries to add to a nature table.
  • Play silks in place of loads of different play scenes.
  • Initial sounds game - translate this from Croatian and it still doesn't read true but the idea of having cards where the initial sound can only match the correct object is really great.... I have number puzzles like this and they allow the child to work independently as they can self-correct.

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  1. Little Explorers14 August 2010 at 20:37

    Hi Jen,
    Please can I have an email address so I share with you. My classroom has been painted and the laminate is 1/2 done - we are really galloping along now - leaving the builder behind! He is still messing about with electrics and plumbing :( I purchased some shelves from Ikea - I just hope they work as they are cubes instead of long shelves as I desperately need as much storage as I can get. I will send you some photo's once the room is finished - which I hope it will be towards the end of next week.

    Then I need to turn my attention to a clay pit of a garden! Hope all is well. Hayley