Thursday, 26 August 2010

September's Mission of the Month!

Mission of the Month
I am joining in with Mama Jenn's idea of setting a mission to be accomplished by the end of the month...... hmmmmm...... but what to choose from my mahoosive to-do list??!!
There's de-cluttering, re-organising, re-decorating, I already know what October's mission will be, but what for September?  Alright.... I know..... for the first time I am putting together curriculum ideas for my daughter.  I would love to share them but I also have a tendency to be perfectionist and therefore get nothing done, so my mission of the month for September will be to.....
Organise my curriculum plans and post them on here, along with a rolling plan for how to make and gather the materials that I need.  I already made a start with my blue series word lists but need to complete that, finalise my maths planning and Fix my ideas for her cultural curriculum.
There we go..... mission set (here's hoping that I can use the mission accomplished tag at the end of September!!!


  1. Thanks for joining in Jennifer! Looks like you were able to grab the button!!! :-) I totally know what you mean about the "mahoosive" to-do list!! Mine is quite long too! In fact, I often feel like it is never-ending!!! LOL

  2. I can relate to the perfectionist getting nothing done syndrome! All the best with your mission!