Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Blue Series Box 3 - Initial and Final Blends

7To my knowledge, the idea of a 'pink, blue and green series' came about in America.  Maria Montessori developed the Movable alphabet and the sandpaper letters.  Some Montessorians use a different scheme of materials to support children to read and write, and there are many many programmes of phonetic learning available the world over.  What is important is that you choose a method and stick to it as they all introduce the different concepts in a slightly different order.  I looked very closely at the 'letters and sounds' programme advocated by the Department for Education here in the UK, but whilst the pre-literacy section is really great, the rest appeared very complicated and I decided that the pink, blue and green series, together with the grammar materials was suitable so here I am!

Box three has objects and words in..... it is the first time that the child will read the words rather than build them her/himself. I have highlighted those that could be represented with an object or picture.  To be honest there will be pictures in this box as I don't think that I can represent enough with objects!  You can of course include any of the words from the box one and two lists in here to mix things up! Words with double blends are:
bland blend blimp blunt
clamp crisp
draft drift
flint frisk frond frost
glint glitz grand
plant plump print
scant swift slump spend stamp stump
twang twist

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