Friday, 20 August 2010

Friday's Favourite's!

I have always wanted but never had the colour tablets set three.  It doesn't seem to have bothered Faith much though.... this is what she did with all the pens from my pencil case (highly coveted items as she isn't normally allowed to use them!).  It set me wondering whether a nice alternative would be grading the pencils from a big tin of graded colouring pencils?

It has been another busy week with the childminding.... we spent the day at Cosford Air Museum on Wednesday, courtesy of my two friends Emma and Nat helling me get there! The children had a brilliant time and I highly recommend it.  In between times there was some fabulous puppet theatre action using the hollow wooden blocks and small world figures that the children made up.  They were doing pantomime voices and I was rolling around laughing it was so funny!

Thursday and Friday are for me and my girls this week and we went to the fabric market in Birmingham on Thursday to choose some fabrics for a sewing project or two (shhhh it's a secret.... don't tell Uncle John and Auntie Lori!!).  We picked up some net and silky pieces in bright colours too for some crafty fun this Autumn!!

Some picks from around the web this week:

  • At the shops 20p bingo from twinkl.
  • Going to the music shop to see and try out lots of different instruments.... great idea!
  • Loving the idea of sound bins from Discovering Montessori!
  • These beautiful branch sunshines made by Tonya's children lit up my week... what a lovely idea!
  • A magnetic rainbow by i make stuff

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