Monday, 16 August 2010

Blue Series Box 2 - Final Blends

Here is the list of the final blend words that I will rotate through blue box two.  As before, the ones highlighted in orange will be in the box, and the ones in blue can be used in word lists, sentence strips and books. I rotate according to my daughter, usually leaving in one or two familiar ones as I put in some new ones.  I have six objects or pictures in each box. Box two traditionally has just pictures in.  As the child builds the words with the movable alphabet (MA) s/he can see a pattern emerge (you may need to point it out!).  Box one will have the pattern of two pink letters, one blue, one pink. Box two will have the pattern of one pink letter, one blue letter then two pink.  For example crab will be crab and nest will be nest. This helps the child to build up a mental image of the word patterns and build confidence.  The end-goal of all phonetic programmes is for the child to sight read and instinctively 'know' what the word is, as most adults do.  By gradually building difficulty the child builds a structure of written language from which they will eventually read fluently.

band belt bent bend best bump bust
camp cask cast cusp colt cost
daft damp dent dust
fact fast film fist fond
gasp golf gulf gust
hand hasp hemp hilt hint hump hunt husk
jump jest jolt just
lamp land left lift limp long lost lump
mask mast melt meld mend milk mint minx mist
nest next
pant past pink pond
raft ramp rest rust rump
sand sift silk soft
test tilt tuft tusk
vast vest vent volt
weft west wept wind wilt wisp
zest zinc

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