Tuesday, 30 August 2011

......... And Breathe....... Slow Down!

I got all wound up and anxious last week, about everything and nothing, how much I wasn't doing, what I was doing, and ended up circling round unhappily doing nothing and enjoying nothing. Then realised what a fool I was being, took a deep breath, sat down with the children and...... suddenly found myself relaxing and laughing.... amazing what perspective threading a few beads on a wire with one's daughters can give you!

So I have resolved to stop winding myself up - Idris is just five weeks old, the house is clean (ish), there are meals on the table (mainly of the home cooked nutritious variety) and I have time for every one's needs (including my own) when I'm not wasting time worrying so I will keep reminding myself to sit down and play every time I feel anxious and I think I'll be much better!

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