Thursday, 11 August 2011

Crafting with One Arm!

When Idris was five days old the girls needed some regular 'mummy input' so we all sat around the table and made things! It was really lovely to have every one's ideas work together to make the 'junk gymnastics equipment' that was the girl's goal for the session! Above are the uneven bars - Faith's favourite piece of equipment.

Here is a trampette made by Eve using paper and a balance beam in the background made from a cardboard tube, some suede from the craft box and a fair bit of sellotape!

This is one of the gymnasts made from a craft stick and dressed in a ribbon leotard with pipe cleaner arms - the brainchild of Faith! It was interesting trying to make the leotards with one arm under a sleeping babe!

Daddy and Eve working together on the balance beam!

Faith's gymnast trying out the uneven bars!

|Faith busy giving her gymnasts an identity!

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