Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Beach Babes...

We spent the last week on the coast of West wales, staying with Dewi's parents. We have always gone when our babies are very young so that they get to spend some of those precious first days with their Mamgu and Dadcu (welsh names for grandparents) as well. We love the sea..... we take a deep breath when there and Dewi is always at his most relaxed there. This was Idris's first view of the sea..... and he slept peacefully through it!

It was high tide and Faith enjoyed watching the multitude of different boats and vessels leave the harbour.

Whilst Eve took her first deep sea swim by leaping from the sea defense.......

She left her mouth open like in the swimming pool and was most surprised to find out that sea water was salty!!!!

And Dewi couldn't resist getting in on the action.... except he jumped off the harbour wall like he used to when he was a kid..... we spent all week picking through pebbles, searching in rock pools, paddling, swimming and a lot of sitting and gazing from me.... either at the sea or at Idris!

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  1. aw how lovely - what wonderful family times! xx