Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Watching a Farrier at Work.

These are photos from before Idris was born. A family that also home educate invited all who wanted to go, to watch the farrier showing their horses. It was a glorious day with plenty of seats in the shade for heavily pregnant mummies to relax in and a huge green field with dens and trees to climb for the children!
Eve took these photos of the farrier at work. Both girls were really interested in it and I can remember enough from my youth spent at the local stables to be able to explain it all!
After the shoeing was finished, Karen tacked up two of the ponies and the girls had a ride (well - they managed to beg three goes each actually!!)

Karen was so kind and generous all day, we even helped shampoo and condition the little grey pony after all the riding was finished! Faith in particular is absolutely horse mad so she really loved her day.... She was naturally balanced on the pony as well and very relaxed riding him. I so wish we could afford riding lessons for them but at the current prices it is impossible...... perhaps a bit of digging around and bargaining might unearth a more affordable option if they are still mad keen next Spring! But shh don't tell them, I'd never hear the end of it!!

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