Thursday, 18 August 2011

Home Ed on the Hop!

I have been panicking a little in recent weeks wondering how on earth I will fit in all of the things that the girls need as well as tending to our new baby boy. Then things happen to remind me that there is plenty of time to fit everything in, especially if I jump at chances that present themselves. Above is Faith this afternoon. She asked Dewi to make her a rainbow book with lots of coloured paper, then asked me to write her a story about a pig. So I wrote it a sentence at a time and she read them then drew a picture to illustrate. She has just begun to read but read some CCVC and CVCC words easily, and with help worked out some CCVCC ones and some digraph sounds like 'cake' as well. I made it a very silly story so she was keen to read each installment! Two hours and sixteen pages later she declared it was 'the end'!!!! 
There is a lot of word play in our house at the moment and I used Eve's experimentation with long and short vowel sounds to do a quick spelling lesson on an envelope bound for the recycling box! The 'pressure off' approach suits Eve anyway so this was pretty effective!

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