Saturday, 20 August 2011

A Homemade Barefoot Walk!

Eve and Faith are so enamoured with barefoot walks that I wondered whether we could make our own....... it was really good fun and took about twenty minutes! We swept the path alongside the vegetable patches first then gathered various materials that we had on hand. The blue colour are seed trays lined with rubble sacks to hold the contents so they can be returned to their rightful places after use! We used beach pebbles, bark strips, a towel, sunflower leaves, twigs, sand, rubber chippings, gravel, rice, hay and of course..... mud and water...... no self-respecting barefoot walk is ever without mud and water! I set ground rules - one way only so we can return the chippings etc without them being full of mud and no potion making with the mud as I can't face the clear up job at the moment!!

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