Friday, 19 August 2011

Barefoot Fun at Trentham Gardens

The girls managed to squirt each other with the jets on the fountain!

This is Faith's eye peering through a huge sculpture inspired by the molecular make-up of carbon!

This is the girls in the thick of the barefoot walk - I did this as well and found it a uniquely unpleasant experience! Yes my feet did tingle but that could easily have been the five minutes in very cold water washing off the mud afterwards! I did not enjoy the sensation of squelchy mud followed by various painful variations of hard and spiny things to walk over!! The girls announced that the one at Conkers is better because it has more mud and water than this one!!

Dewi sent them off by themselves to go round again. I hate them being out of sight but they relish the freedom and as there was a set route and it looped back to us, I swallowed my doubts and let them go! Here they are running back triumphantly! 
We went round the monkey forest as well and here is one of their new babies!
We had a thoroughly lovely day and Idris enjoyed snuggling in the sling and gazing up at the forest canopy above!

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