Saturday, 9 March 2013

A Day at Chester Zoo

My big brother was here last week visiting from Canada and we spent the day at Chester Zoo together. Chester is a wonderful place, so much to see and do and information about the animals there is balanced with news about the conservation and support work that the zoo is involved with. We actually made some of the talks this time around - they have two baby elephants of three months old, pretty tiny compared to the big ones but still fairly hefty!
Idris made the most of a third pair of arms to give him a better view when he needed it!
The lions enjoyed their joints of beef and we had a close up look at a replica skull to see just how the teeth work when chomping through meat and bone.
Faith compared her hand to a tiger paw print - no comparison really!!
The otter display was new since we last went two years ago and this bubble window arced into the indoor pool where it was fun to see the otters gambling around play fighting with each other.
We don't usually see the chimps outdoors but the early Spring sunshine had tempted them out for some mutual grooming.
The Asian otters were very sweet, they had a new enclosure too, very natural with plenty of water, rock and wood for them.
John and I were taken with the huge hornbills in the tropical house.
I was outside with Idris but the others managed to see the Puma eating his chicken dinner!
Never too big for a shoulder ride!!
I'm fascinated by the Okapis - this is a youngster and was with it's mother, usually they are alone as they are solitary animals in the forest. I think they look as if they are related to the giraffe due to their build and shape but this was ridiculed by the men in my life.....
There was a baby rhino too, very sweet and doddery..... well as sweet and doddery as rhinos get!!
Porcupines, another favourite of mine!

No Uncle John, you can't go, we won't let you, you have to stay with us for ever and ever!!!!!!

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