Thursday, 14 March 2013

A Fabulous and Busy Week!

Above is a beautiful simnel cake that my Mum made for me (wrong way round I know but it has become a sort of tradition that I very much appreciate!). My husband was messing around when I tried to take a picture and his hand got in the way but I picked this photo as when I opened the tin to cut a slice...... the 11th Apostle was missing...... presumed eaten!! I knew who the guilty party was likely to be and his face couldn't lie!!!
Our week has gone well with the girls enthusiastic about what we are doing. As per usual we haven't quite got everything that I planned each day done but that's OK! Science is the hot topic around these parts and we have been looking at the skeletal system this week. Dewi spent three and a half hours building a cardboard skeleton with the girls - a labour of love! I swapped the toddler toys around with the ones stored away and they caught Idris's attention for quite some time a couple of days this week, meaning that I could do things with the girls whilst he was awake for a change! By the way, my house isn't THAT cold, just Idris liked to wear his hat one day this week!!
We tried out an idea I saw about planting seeds in flat-bottomed ice cream cones. I'm not convinced that it is a good idea however, the more the seeds are watered, the more gluey the cones become. I can't see them lasting until the peas are ready to plant out!! My lounge window sill now resembles a green house with various recycled tubs housing different plants and seeds. Having a new raised veg bed to plant up has re-invigorated our planting plans for this year, mainly lead by the girls.
I am loving how one idea flows into another when planning activities out for the girls. As science is a favourite right now, I started out with a vague plan to do some water activities for World Water Day next week. I had a few loose ideas and once I started to search the net for more information and activities/experiments to flesh it out, I found my ideas taking shape and flowing in one direction. I love it when that happens and it all just comes together. I have loads of material to use now, I'm excited about it and just have to narrow it down to what we can fit into a busy week now!
I spent the morning at the NEC Education Show in Birmingham today and it was really useful. I picked up some great ideas, resources and links. I was especially pleased with the dyslexia support information and the science competition and experiment resources I found. My Mum came with me and it was great to spend time together without fielding the children's enthusiasm at the same time! We talked a lot about the children and educational ideas and I came home bursting with new things I want to find out about and try and do. I probably need to prioritise as we can't possibly do everything!! I bumped into some friendly faces too - nice to see you Harriet!!

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