Friday, 1 March 2013

An Underbed Storage Box and a New Baby on the way!

We are expecting a baby in the Summer and although I have banned my Mum from buying anything for this baby, as we have everything that we need, her generous soul couldn't resist knitting this gorgeous little jumper!! I have tucked it away in an empty drawer under my bed (yes I do actually have such a thing as an empty drawer now that I'm getting organised!) and open it now and again when I need to smile!

It struck me how things change as we have more babies. For my first, we decorated a room, chose furniture, and made pictures for the walls. For our second, we made a special place in the corner of what was our guest room then (laughs hollowly at the notion of a guest room), and put a wardrobe in there for all her things. Our third baby got a cot tucked up to our bed and a set of drawers in his big sister's room and this baby? Well this baby gets an under bed storage drawer...... and nearer the time I will really enjoy getting down the newborn clothes (well, 0-3 as I have giant long babies that never fit in newborn!), washing and folding them before tucking them away safely under our bed ready for the new arrival!

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