Saturday, 30 March 2013

Slump Over with...... Mojo relocated......

...... somewhere between a hot bath and a bag of compost! Well that's just how it rolls when you homeschool, you find your MOtivation, EnerJy and Optimism (MOJO - geddit??) in the most unlikely places and at the most unexpected of times. After being slightly grumpy about having to clean and wash the car, clean the guinea-pig out (in the singular as one was buried this morning.... yes it had died first, it wasn't just another experiment!) and various other chores, I found that we had a really lovely afternoon!
I am so enjoying the girl's company this week, they are such funny, intelligent, quirky people, full of ideas and fun and surprising conversation! Even Idris who doesn't have a huge repertoire of responses, is fun to converse with, he seems to know when to say yes or no, and when to not comment, reminds me of Dewi sometimes, perhaps it is a man thing??!! He has developed a fascination with keys this week which can be a little painful as he is so very insistent on someone sitting by the front door whilst he tries EVERY key in the door..... come back shoe fetish, all is forgiven!!!!

We have done very little in the way of organised activities this week. I started out Monday with a plan but felt like I was wading through treacle (I wasn't well at the weekend), and as the girls seemed happy in each others company and happy to play, I decided I was happy to let them and allowed myself to take it a little easy where I could. I struggle to do that a little as I feel frustrated by what we aren't getting done out of the list of things we all WANT to do. It always amazes me though how a week like this ends up in positive energy and seeming to achieve things so easily instead of battling through them. I have had a clarity of vision today on how all the plans the girls and I have will slot together over the next week or two and am excited and enthusiastic about them again. Hurray!

We are going to Wales to stay with family for a few days and will be spending time down on the beach and walking by the cliffs. I'm hoping that we'll see erosion in action to illustrate the book we have read together. It will be a great follow-on to the water experiments that we did last week.  I found an overwhelmingly huge Montessori blog today after the owner left me a lovely comment...... her pinterest boards are brilliant and helped me out with a quandary I've been having over our Living Maths curriculum. I've got some ideas now about how to tackle the measurement book that the girls love, and how it will tie in so nicely with measuring up the new veg bed ready to plan our planting schedule for the summer for the RHS Benchmark scheme we are getting involved with. I've rough planned the next human body unit for the girl's science to start in a week's time - the digestive system this time.

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