Monday, 4 March 2013

A New Valentines Tradition........

I have been planning this for a long time now and finally got the give them to the girls on Valentines day this year. I have always loved charm bracelets and charms, the old vintage silver ones that open.... it is my favoured gift to give for Christenings of baby girls, but I never got them for my girls and wanted to. It came to me one day that I could start a new tradition and I spent a few happy hours over a few months sourcing tiny little charms - a wishing well that opens to reveal a pixie for Faith, and an oyster shell that opens to reveal a pearl for Eve. At the same time I decided to treat myself and I found both a beautiful bracelet and a country farmhouse opening to show a bed with a couple inside!

The girls charms I have hung temporarily on small silver plated bracelets that they had for their baptisms, as proper solid silver charm bracelets are too large for their wrists at the present time and I want them to enjoy wearing them for special occasion meals now and again - pancakes for breakfast maybe, or a Mother's day lunch, that kind of thing. I will have them mounted properly with soldered jump rings onto a solid silver bracelet when they are older!

I wrapped them in little organza bags and tucked them into heart shaped boxes, and the girls were gratifyingly enchanted with the idea, although even the children's bracelet has to be made smaller for Faith's little wrist!!

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