Friday, 22 March 2013

First Visit of the Year to 'Our Wightwick'!!

We love Wightwick Manor, a National Trust property not too far from us. We hadn't been yet this year and decided to take advantage of the sunny weather last Wednesday to reacquaint ourselves with our old friend! The photos mostly show Wightwick through Idris's eyes as the girls were out of my sight line for most of the visit!! Above he is enjoying looking out of the window of the little heather thatched house at the top of the orchard, where there have been some new apple trees planted to replace natural wastage of some very old apple trees!
......He was very taken with the scarecrow - but a little cross that he couldn't have his stick!!
It was no matter, there were plenty of sticks to be had, Idris was fickle with his sticks, casting one away when he found a better looking one!
Idris loved the little bridge, stomping back and forwards over it and peering down at the water every so often.
Eve and Faith spent time smashing the ice on the lower pool, it was very thin ice and they found how to send bubbles scudding underneath the ice!
 This little water channel connects the upper and lower pools and is usually silted up when we go there. Eve and Faith take great delight in clearing away the debris and watching the water go rushing down the channel, splashing over the little waterfall for Idris to play with.
 Then we suddenly found ourselves in the midst of a snow blizzard whilst the sun still shone! When the sun went in and the snow got heavier, we headed for home, after a lovely couple of hours checking up on our favourite haunt!!

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