Sunday, 3 March 2013

Idris at 19 months

Well I can hardly belive that another month has flown past and this fabulous, funny, loving little person is 19 months (and a bit!) already! I keep a page in my notebook where I jot down new things that he does or things that I notice about him to write in these posts and this month it seems I have been adding new things every day or even several times a day sometimes, especially his new vocabulary! So here goes, he:
  • Loves to help out around the house, he will put things in the washing machine, carry cups to and from the dishwasher, tidy away, put pants and socks in the right drawers, pulls pillow cases and duvet covers off, feeds the animals, tidies the bath toys, helps to carry things.
  • Is super independent, he carries his own plate or bowl of food to the table, then climbs up to a high wooden stool and sits to eat with us, getting down usually when he is done and pottering off! He eats really well with a fork and spoon, which is just as well as he......
  • refuses to wear a bib or apron or have his sleeves rolled up, he can't abide taking his trousers off to wander around for some nappy free time so we have to take the nappy off and put his trousers back on again!!
  • uses a stool to get things that he wants/needs/shouldn't have - he delights in climbing up to retrive a pair of scissors then carrying them to me saying 'sisiss. sisiss'!
  • runs really fast, can jump off the floor with two feet together, often climbs steps with alternate feet, and has a lengthy and highly accurate overarm throw, and a cracking left foot kick!
  • kisses things better, by grabbing the hurt person and kissing their cheek, he always comes for his hurts to be kissed better, holding out the hurting bit, then is instantly better as soon as it has been kissed!!
  • thinks that all numbers are named 'two' and says it every time he hears someone say a number!
  • can be incredibly disruptive if he thinks he isn't getting his share of the attention - he will climb a book case whilst making eye contact and grinning, as if to challenge me to come and get him, or he will screech like a banshee VERY loudly in an attempt to drive everyone present into interacting with him - I have cracked down on this this week as the girls capitulate far too often and it is making it worse!!
  • really enjoys books now and likes to fetch a book and sit with someone and talk about it, he even 'tells the story' with a simple 'splash' book, knowing what things are on the next page (trousers and hat!!).
  • still loves order and routine, things have to be done in a certain way and put in a certain place or we get no peace until he is satisfied.
  • eats me out of house and home - my friends with several boys assure me this is normal!
  • has slept through the night for the first time since he was born - but now gets up any time from 5 am due to having slept well - roll on those summer mornings!!!
  • loves to show body parts, where are your eyes? (blink blink blink), where is your tongue (sticks it out), where are your teeth? (gnashes them), he points to his ears, mouth, head, hair, tummy, bottom.
  • loves his boots, we have indoor boots (yellow duck ones) and outdoor boots (muddy ones) but I still seem to end up cleaning them often!!
his new words this month are: sisiss (scissors) trousers, book, chair, boot, ballo(on), (s)tick, (s)tep, kick (accompanied by the action), bowl, coa(t), c(l)othes, cheese, yeah (he doesn't say 'no' yet!!), Ebe (Eve), (F)aith , Gar (Grandpa), (s)tuck, (s)ock, (w)oof, doo doo (thank you), cat, hat, eyes, ears, no(se), knee. It interests me that most of his words relate to his body, other people, clothes and his ways of getting what he wants such as stick, stool, coat, hat (to go outside etc).

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